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Hard Landscaping

Paving & Pathways

Refined Landscapes have a wealth of experience in laying many different surfaces including natural stones such as sandstones, slate, limestone and granite through to man-made materials including porcelain tiles.

Refined Landscapes can advise and suggest the most appropriate materials to suit the situation. We often like to incorporate contrast into a design and this can be achieved using pathway links in complementary small stones or vice versa.


Driveways have an important job to do. Practical but incorporating some aesthetics can utterly transform the approach to a property and create a stylish first impression. Of vital importance is using the correct foundations in order to withstand the UK weather and stress of daily use.

We offer all driveway surfaces from high end resin bonded gravel, tarmac, block paving, permeable block paving, stable drive systems, to various cobbled drives with sett detailing, natural stone or concrete. Some planting, lighting and soft landscaping can be introduced to soften the appearance and give a pleasing residential feel.


Garden walling tends to take on a more practical role within garden construction and design, but can also in some cases be purely decorative. As many sites are not naturally flat we use a variety of products to section of flat areas and tier gardens. Again the importance of the choosing the right material is key in terms of theme and budget. Over the years we have gained experience in constructing many different types of wall including boundaries, decorative and load bearing pieces using Brick, block and render, cladded stone, cladded brick, composite or hardwood.

Stonework and steps

Steps taking us to different elevations often become a focal point. They can be in constant use providing Refined Landscapes with an opportunity to showcase some of the finer hard landscaping detail e.g. a thick bullnosed tread and colour coordinated riser can really start to set a project apart. If budget allows using market leading materials to cap a wall can make a significant difference to the final look.

Note: When designing and building any steps Refined Landscapes are mindful of compliance with current safety regulations and requirements.

Garden Carpentry

The varying textures within any timber structure help to add depth and keep a garden closer to nature. 3D structures such as pergolas and archways add an extra dimension to any design. They also form a reliable structure for climbing plants and provide essential shade during the warmer months. We always recommend using hardwood such as Ipe, Yellow Balau, Cedar and Marranti for longevity and a pleasing appearance. These materials are correctly prepared and maintenance advice provided.

Fencing and gates

A fencing brief can be very different; some people want to gain privacy whilst others wish to maximise beautiful views. We erect all types of fencing and provide custom built or or ready made gates as required.


Refined Landscapes are regularly constructing new decks to meet client requirements, using traditional methods and materials but also keeping up to date with the market as it moves to the composite era. We have had great results using Millboard and Trex composites as well as high quality natural timbers such as Ipe, Yellow Balau, Cedar and many others.

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