Serene Sanctuary

At Refined Landscapes, we believe that a landscape should be more than just a beautiful backdrop. It should be a defining aspect of your home, a unique space that is both functional and inspiring. Our recent project in Welwyn epitomizes this philosophy.

The heart of the property was an organic, naturally flowing garden that served as the main access route into the house. With a design inspired by the harmony and tranquillity of nature, the garden incorporated gentle curves, evoking the impression of a natural landscape cultivated over centuries, rather than a meticulously planned garden.

The centrepiece of the design was a staggered boardwalk-style pathway, leading visitors through the garden and into the home. Crafted from premium quality hardwood, the pathway offered a textural contrast to the surrounding greenery, creating a dynamic yet harmonious visual display.

No garden can be complete without a hint of tranquility, and for this Welwyn project, it came in the form of a meticulously maintained bonsai garden and a captivating water feature. The bonsai garden was designed to be a serene retreat, where the age-old tradition of bonsai cultivation could be appreciated up close. The water feature, meanwhile, provided a calming soundtrack to the surroundings, enhancing the garden's sense of peace and tranquility.

Serving as the main entrance to the property was a freestanding brick wall, complete with a beautiful hardwood gate. This unique design feature not only provided an element of privacy and security but also served as a warm and inviting welcome to the property.

This garden is a testament to our dedication to creating unique, functional, and engaging landscapes. From the organic curves of the garden layout to the staggered boardwalk pathway, the bonsai garden, and the freestanding brick wall entrance, every element was meticulously planned and executed to create a space that is not just visually stunning, but also deeply personal and inviting.

We're proud to have turned this Welwyn property into a garden paradise, and we're ready to do the same for your home. Contact Refined Landscapes today to start planning your dream garden.