Argentinian Family Garden

This project showcases an Argentine-style pergola quincho, a vegetable patch, play area, lawn, and ambient lighting for an alluring evening atmosphere. Every detail is meticulously illustrated in our 3D renders, painting a comprehensive picture of the intricate design elements at play.

Your journey begins with a traditional Argentine-style pergola quincho, the heart of our garden design. The 3D renders bring to life this inviting structure, equipped with a barbecue and a comfortable seating area. Envision lively outdoor gatherings, the scent of delicious grilling, and the warmth of shared meals under the protection of the elegant quincho.

A short distance from the quincho, you'll discover the delightful vegetable patch. This area has been thoughtfully planned for you to try your hand at growing your own fresh produce. Imagine the satisfaction of cooking a meal with ingredients plucked right from your own garden!

Catering to the younger members of the family, our design includes a dedicated play area. This space promises hours of fun and physical activity, ensuring that the garden is a source of joy for all ages.

Complementing these elements is a lush lawn, offering a verdant expanse that invites barefoot walks and impromptu picnics. The lawn provides a soft, natural contrast to the other areas, creating a harmonious balance within the garden.

When the evening sets in, the garden is transformed under the warm glow of strategically placed lighting. The 3D renders capture the magic of these moments, presenting a garden that's as enchanting at night as it is during the day.

Our 3D designs and renders reflect our commitment to crafting outdoor spaces that embody style, function, and comfort. We believe that a garden should be a living extension of your home, and this project is a perfect example of that philosophy.