Rural Refuge Garden

Your virtual exploration begins at the heart of the garden, where the primary living space blends seamlessly with the surrounding nature. Here, the pathways serve as your guide, winding their way through the different garden zones and establishing a harmonious connection between them.

One such pathway leads to a tranquil pond, a serene oasis that brings a sense of peace and calm to the garden. The pond, with its clear water reflecting the sky above, serves as a focal point and a habitat for local fauna, enhancing the natural feel of the space.

Another path will guide you to the outbuilding, a practical addition that offers versatile usage options. Whether used for storage, as a hobby room, or a quiet retreat, this structure combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Scattered along the pathways, various seating areas invite you to pause and enjoy the view. These spaces, thoughtfully located to capture the best vistas and sunlight, provide comfortable spots to relax, entertain, or simply appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

Throughout the garden, the design carefully preserves the field's openness while creating distinct, manageable spaces within. This approach results in a unique, expansive garden that connects with the broader landscape, blurring the line between the domestic garden and the untamed field.

The included lighting scheme not only enhances the garden's features but also helps tie the individual areas together into a cohesive whole.