Lush Luminary Oasis

This design features a spacious deck with a seating area and beneath storage, steps leading to a lower garden level, a lush pond with surrounding plantings, oak walkways with climbers, and a year-round outdoor pool table. Our meticulous 3D renders depict the charming journey through this garden, illustrating how every feature contributes to the overall appeal.

The highlight of the lower level is a serene pond, encircled by vibrant plantings. The sight and sound of the water add a calming dimension to the garden, while the surrounding plants create a soft, naturalistic border. This feature brings a sense of tranquillity, enhancing the overall ambiance of the outdoor space.

Oak walkways meander through the garden, bordered by climbers that add an enchanting touch to the journey. The climbers, growing over the walkways, create natural archways, inviting you to stroll under their leafy canopy.

The walkways lead you to a unique feature at the end of the garden: an outdoor pool table. This addition promises hours of fun and friendly competition, ensuring the garden can be enjoyed in all seasons.

Our 3D renders vividly portray every detail of this garden, showcasing how a long garden can be transformed into a captivating outdoor journey. We believe that every garden should deliver both aesthetic pleasure and functional use, and this design perfectly embodies that philosophy.