New Build Family Garden

A charming garden designed for a new build property. This design artfully incorporates clay pavers laid in herringbone fashion, a lush lawn, a play area for children, and a porcelain-paved area under a wooden pergola. Our detailed 3D renders illustrate each element, allowing you to appreciate the harmonious blend of materials and the meticulous planning behind each design choice.

A unique feature: clay pavers arranged in a herringbone pattern, adding a dash of sophistication to the garden. The pattern's geometric rigor provides a striking visual appeal, making it an immediate focal point of the space.

Adjacent to the pavers, you'll find a lush lawn that serves as a verdant canvas for your outdoor activities. The lawn invites playful afternoons and leisurely lounging alike, adding a touch of nature's best to your outdoor space.

Designed with family in mind, a dedicated play area ensures the garden caters to every member of the family. This safe, exciting space offers endless opportunities for fun and active play, making the garden a source of delight for the younger members of the household.

Completing the garden design, a porcelain-paved area rests beneath a charming wooden pergola. This area invites relaxation and alfresco dining, while the pergola provides a sense of enclosure and shade, adding another layer of functionality and aesthetic appeal to the space.

Adding to the organic elements of the garden, planting in oak sleeper boxes injects variety and interest into the design. These handcrafted planters hold an array of plants chosen for their color, texture, and compatibility with the overall design scheme.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the 3D renders, to explore the thoughtful layout and materials, and to envision the potential this garden holds. This is more than just a garden design; it's a creation of a personalized outdoor oasis that harmoniously blends beauty, function, and fun.